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    Message par Johnathan R. Razorback Jeu 2 Sep - 21:55




    "How do couples practice Female Domination in today’s society? We will discover that Female Domination is a large tent with many forms, expressions and lifestyles contained therein. I will share the personal and intimate experiences of forty different couples who have incorporated Female Domination into their relationships. Some couples like Female Domination to be soft and sensual, some like it hard and rough, some like it wild and trend setting, some like it romantic, some like it untraditional, some like it primarily in the bedroom, and some like it both inside and outside the bedroom. Regardless of the flavor, most claim to have better marriages and relationships thanks in large part to the Female Domination lifestyle.

    We will witness how Female Domination can build the bond of intimacy and trust between couples. We will discover how Female Domination can defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level than just the physical, empower women in society, and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life like household chores. We will see how Female Domination can satisfy the inner male child, build up a woman’s self-esteem, add spice to the bedroom, re-ignite romance, and cause a power exchange within the female/male relationship. We will discover how society is evolving toward Female rule, one relationship at a time.

    We will also examine the why from a psychological perspective. For if we understand why men have submissive desires toward the female gender, where these desires originate from, and how common these desires are within men, we will see that what some have considered to be perversion or anti-social behavior, is in fact normal and natural."

    "Feminism appealed to me but I never did buy into the male hating dogma that so many of my female professors and some of my girlfriends preached. I liked men and I actually hung around more with boys than with girls. This was true in my childhood and this was true in college. I developed a love and a respect for the male gender but I also began to realize the male gender’s many weaknesses. I discovered that women possessed the superior intellect and a much higher moral character.

    I kept most of my thoughts and evolving philosophy to myself, trying my best to fit within this male dominated society. I was always an out-going woman but I never considered myself to be dominant. I certainly had never heard of Female Domination or Female Supremacy but this D&S group had opened the door to a whole new world. It was a safe-haven, away from societal expectations, where men could express their true natures and women could experiment with a whole new side of their personality, a side that was frowned upon in society and in religion."

    "I became a self-described Female Supremacist. By my definition, a Female Supremacist is a woman who believes that women are the superior sex over men. She is a woman who has come to believe that society would be better served if it were governed by women instead of men. A Female Supremacist believes that women should be in positions of authority, from government clear down to marriage, where the wife should rule over the husband. A Female Supremacist believes that women and men are not equal but rather different. She believes that they both have strengths and weaknesses, but that the woman has more strengths than the man and that she contains the traits that is best fitted to be in a position of authority.

    I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology in college. I wanted to use my education, so when my friend encouraged me to become a professional Dominatrix like her, I declined. However, I remained an active member in the D&S community and I eventually decided to combine my two loves in life, Female Domination and Psychology. I offered more than just a D&S session, I also offered counseling if a male client wanted to better understand why he desired to be sexually dominated by a woman. I placed an ad in the City paper as well as in a few of the publications where my Dominatrix friend advertised, and before I knew it, I had myself a small but loyal clientele. Over the next decade, I developed a rather large clientele, offering a combination of professional Female Domination, counseling and practical advice."

    "Men desire corporal punishment (being spanked or whipped by a woman), forced feminization (being emasculated by a woman), humiliation, strap-on sex (being the receiver of a woman's rubber phallus), water sports (such as forced enemas or golden showers), and other D&S activities. Men want to worship the female by tending to her physical and sexual needs (body worship) and men want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives. But the common thread to all these sexual and submissive desires is the longing for loving female authority.

    To me, that is the true definition of Female Domination. Female Domination is Loving Female Authority. That is what most men are seeking from the female gender. All of these specific fetishes or desires are the outward expressions of a man's need and hunger for loving female authority."

    "There is a natural born desire within men that causes them to desire to be dominated by a woman. I believe that males are born with this desire and I also believe that this desire is enhanced through a man's childhood experiences with his female authority figures. A male is carried in the womb of a woman, he is birthed into this world by a woman, he is nurtured at the breasts of a woman, he is disciplined by the loving hands of a woman, and he is loved and comforted by a woman. There is a special bond between a young boy and his mother or female guardian.

    Part of this is sexual. Most of the time, a young boy is bathed, caressed, nurtured and spanked by adult female authority figures and this stirs submissive desires within young boys. When they reach adolescence, a lot of boys begin to experiment with their sexuality, as they are curious and drawn to the female, her beauty and her mysterious ways.

    There is usually a form of the desire to submit mixed in with the sexuality. A young boy grows accustomed to being bossed around and dominated by the young boy grows accustomed to being bossed around and dominated by the adult female authority figures in his life. Then when he begins to enter puberty, his sexual fantasies often involve being the helpless sexual victim to one of his adult female authority figures like a  teacher or a babysitter. I believe that is when B&D (Bondage and Domination) desires are birthed within men. Not all boys start out their sexual exploration with these types of fantasies but many boys do.

    When these boys grow up to be men with submissive desires, they often still maintain the fantasy of being an innocent and helpless boy that is being dominated or sexually used by an adult female authority figure. They recall that their first submissive desires were toward their teacher, babysitter or even their mother and they remember how pleasurable and exciting it was to have these desires. Usually as they happen upon Adult magazines or videos, the stories and scenes where an older woman dominates a young male is what causes them the most intense sexual arousal.

    It is a very natural thing for a man to desire to be punished and disciplined by a woman. His mind reverts back to his childhood when the women that he loved the most (namely his mother, aunt, or an older sister) would punish and discipline him. He knew that these women loved him because they punished and disciplined him. An adult male still longs for the feeling of his childhood where his mother or female guardian punished him but then afterwards the male child would be hugged and nurtured by the same woman who punished him. Punishment and love go hand and hand. That is what loving female authority is all about.

    As men become adults in this society that expects men to be the dominant gender, most men try to suppress their desire to submit to women. Some are successful at this but many are not. Therefore, the profession of being a Dominant Female was born and it thrives in our current society. The Dominatrix has never been more in demand. One just needs to search the Internet to see the thousands of women who offer professional Female Domination. Supply is becoming plentiful because the Demand was always there.

    Where did the Dominatrix come from? Females have always been smart businesswomen. In the old days, there were not too many professions that society would allow women to be employed in. Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession and some women chose this guaranteed profit maker due to a lack of career choices. What many ladies of the evening discovered was that when they asked a potential male client what it was he desired sexually, many would say that they wanted to be dominated. Men would ask to be spanked or tied up and whipped. It didn’t take the smart business-minded woman long to figure out that she could make more money and have less wear and tear on her body if she would offer men domination instead of sex. Before long, the professional Dominatrix was born.

    Today, the majority of professional Dominant Women have never been employed as prostitutes. Dominant women have come to realize that the male urge to submit to a dominant woman is so strong that some men are willing to pay handsomely to be dominated by a woman. Some men are afraid to admit their submissive desires to their wives or girlfriends because they fear they will be rejected or called a pervert. So they seek out submissive fulfillment with a professional Dominatrix. The fascinating thing is that only a true dominant
    woman can satisfy a man’s submissive nature. Today, a prostitute with a whip, who has not discovered her dominant nature, will not satisfy a submissive man. He is looking for a true dominant woman who has the attitude that she is indeed superior to him. Twenty years ago, that was hard to find. Today, however, there are thousands of professional dominant women who are educated and who truly believe that women are the superior gender. Men have never had so many choices when it comes to the professional dominant woman. Supply is starting to satisfy the demand.

    A societal evolution is happening when it comes to the roles of the sexes.

    This bodes well for men because more women are starting to embrace their dominant natures. Women are beginning to desire to dominate men."

    "In the spring of 2002, fifty-seven percent of all college degrees were earned by women and this fourteen point gap (57-43 percent) is expected to grow more lopsided with each passing year. This dominance in the classroom is starting to translate to dominance in the workforce, in business and in politics.

    As women start to excel and become dominant in the workplace and in the business world, this is causing women to exert even more dominance within their personal relationships with men. Whereas wives have always dominated their husbands behind closed doors in a subtle manner, now they are dominating their husbands more openly. They are taking charge of the bedroom, as they are becoming the initiators of sex. They are taking charge of the finances and they are taking charge of the decision-making within the marriage. As women are exerting dominance in these areas, men's submissive natures are stirring and men are desiring to be dominated in all areas of their lives by the female gender."

    "The female dominant nature still lies dormant in many women and it takes a male's submissive nature to draw it out. But as women become more successful and more aggressive in the classroom and in the business world, women will more readily embrace their dominant persona and will gladly accept and even demand their male partner's submission. In my opinion, the couples that practice Female Domination today are in front of the societal curve. Female Domination and male submission will be the foremost sexuality of the future. I believe that a majority of women will embrace it in the not too distant future. What some women still consider kinky and unusual today, these same women will embrace it in the future. Furthermore, their daughters will be stretching the limits and boundaries of female domination in areas that we cannot imagine today."

    "A female domination relationship requires trust and honesty. When a man trusts his wife enough to open up to her about his deepest, most hidden desires, this sets the stage for intimacy on a more meaningful level. How sad that so many men must keep hidden their innermost being from the woman they have chosen to share their life with. But for those couples who dare to be uninhibited about their desires, they open themselves up to a special kind of intimacy. The man who trusts his wife enough to submit his entire being to her will, bonds with his wife on a level that few husbands have experienced. Likewise, when the wife is trustworthy enough to rule her husband in love, this causes them to bond together in a way that most traditional marriages cannot offer. To these couples, Female Domination is more than sexual. It is also social, emotional and spiritual."

    "Much like the book "Venus in Furs" in the late 1860's, the Catwoman character in the 1960's "Batman" television program played an important role in taking Female Domination and Fetishism into the mainstream."

    "The male desire for Female Domination is evident throughout Pop Culture and the smart female knows how to capitalize. Madonna has been able to combine music, sexuality and female power into a Pop Culture empire. Her popularity and fan following rivals that of the Beatles and Elvis. Madonna’s music and music videos portray an aggressive, sexual and strong woman. Much like Pop Culture itself, Madonna has evolved from being suggestive about Female Dominance (Blonde Ambition) to openly portraying D&S in her music and videos (Erotica).

    Shania Twain is another Pop Culture Diva who has successfully combined her music with a public image that depicts female dominance and power. Although her music is of the traditionally more conservative Country variety, Shania is not unaccustomed to posing in fetish clothing in her videos or while on stage (including in front of a worldwide audience during the Super Bowl) and many of her songs celebrate the strong woman. The music of Shania appeals to a totally different audience than that of Madonna, but both of these women have ascended to the top of their extremely competitive industry by appealing to man’s desire for female dominance. While both women are very talented from an artistic standpoint, what has brought them success beyond imagination is the dominant and sexual aura they portray. The sexual, powerful female captivates men and Pop Culture in the new Millennium is not shy about promoting the dominant female or capitalizing on the submissive nature of man."

    "Women react to genuine submission. I have had men tell me that after they had a session with a Professional Dominatrix, they returned home to their wife and she began to act more aggressive with them for the next couple of days, not knowing anything about the Dominatrix. It was if the wife could sense the submissive energy that was coming from her husband and was reacting to it. The Dominatrix had taken the husband to subspace and the wife could sense this, which caused her own dormant dominant nature to stir. I have heard a number of similar experiences from men."

    "Subspace or as I like to call it, the submissive zone, is a tranquil and somewhat hypnotic state that comes from the absolute surrender of the human will.

    When a man surrenders to this power coming from the female, he enters into the submissive zone (or subspace). As he lets go and yields himself to the woman, he disarms his conscience guard and he allows his submissive nature to be released. This causes him to enter into that tranquil and near hypnotic state. That is what is known as subspace.

    Subspace is a place of absolute surrender and a place where the female rules supreme. It is a magical place within the psyche of a man where he worships a woman with his spirit. It is powerful and it is beautiful. For only a man who surrenders his will to a woman and enters the submissive zone, can fully see a woman in all her beauty and glory."

    "Unfortunately, many women just see the leather outfits, the whips, and the techniques that dominant women use to get their men into that magical state of deep submission, and they think that this lifestyle is "strange" or "bizarre". If they would only look past the tools that dominant women use and the techniques that they utilize, and if they would
    instead focus on the results that they bring, then I believe that most women would openly embrace the Female Domination lifestyle. Women are searching for that kind of intimacy and that kind of relationship. If they would only understand that most men need to be dominated, disciplined, and controlled by a woman in order to be at peace within himself, then I am convinced the majority of women would assume their proper place, which is to be the dominant wife and the dominant woman.

    Female Domination is still a minority lifestyle between couples. The professional Dominatrix thrives in our society because the majority of submissive men still must seek out Female Domination outside his home. Many men are eager to surrender themselves over to their wives but they hesitate because they fear their wives might reject them. The biggest obstacle to a female domination relationship is still the reluctance of the female. This just goes to show how successful our male dominated society has been in making women feel inferior to men. As women, we have been programmed since childhood that the man should be the dominant partner in a relationship or marriage. It is never easy to overcome our upbringing and our traditions. Women still struggle with thoughts that Female Domination is "abnormal". This is especially true if they thoughts that Female Domination is "abnormal". This is especially true if they were raised in a strict religious upbringing."

    "What women must keep in mind about Female Domination is the fact that men need it. It is almost always the man who will introduce the female domination lifestyle to the woman. A courageous man with submissive desires introduces female domination to his female partner.

    Why do men do this ? It's because men desire and need to be in submission to women. No matter how hard society or religion tries to tell men differently, something deep inside of them yearns to surrender to a powerful woman. These desires grow stronger with age and men will spend countless hours dreaming and fantasizing about Female Domination. Men will pursue these desires and struggle with these desires trying to come to terms with them but sadly a man will not come to terms with these desires until he truly has a relationship with a woman that can explore these desires with him in a loving manner.

    The other side of this dynamic is that women who embrace the dominant role and who allow their dominant nature to come out, end up absolutely loving this lifestyle. It never ceases to amaze me how many women who once were real hesitant about being dominant, end up loving it so much that they later say that they would never go back to being in submission to a man or only having vanilla sex (intercourse) with a man. This lifestyle is liberating to women and it is also liberating for men as they can now fulfill that yearning within them."

    "The most important thing is that each couple must keep the lines of communication open, as honesty and openness are crucial in a female domination relationship. A woman needs to be open minded to explore new things as her submissive shares with her his deepest desires. It is all about negotiation and fulfillment. I ask women, what touches his submissive nature ? Does he have a leather fetish ? If so, then wear some leather. Does he have a foot or a boot fetish ? Does he crave whippings or spankings? Does he enjoy the helpless feeling of being in bondage ? I tell women to find out what stirs her man's submission and then do these things to him. A smart woman will take a man’s submission and channel it into his service of her. A wise woman will use her dominance to draw out more of her man’s submission and then use that her dominance to draw out more of her man’s submission and then use that submission to get her needs met and fulfilled."

    "The most important thing is that each couple must keep the lines of communication open, as honesty and openness are crucial in a female domination relationship. A woman needs to be open minded to explore new things as her submissive shares with her his deepest desires. It is all about negotiation and fulfillment. I ask women, what touches his submissive nature ? Does he have a leather fetish ? If so, then wear some leather. Does he have a foot or a boot fetish ? Does he crave whippings or spankings ? Does he enjoy the helpless feeling of being in bondage ? I tell women to find out what stirs her man's submission and then do these things to him. A smart woman will take a man’s submission and channel it into his service of her. A wise woman will use her dominance to draw out more of her man’s submission and then use that her dominance to draw out more of her man’s submission and then use that submission to get her needs met and fulfilled."

    "Man knows that he cannot resist the beauty of the female so the only way he can stay in control is to keep the female covered in conservative and unflattering clothing."

    "Oppressive laws and customs to keep women in a subservient position suggest that it is not natural for women to be the submissive sex. If it were natural for men to be the dominant sex, there would be no reason for men to have oppressive laws and customs to keep women as second-class citizens. History is filled with examples of men suppressing women in order to maintain a patriarchal society. Yet, deep down men are fascinated by the female, they admire the female and they desire to submit to the female. What is clear is that men can only become the dominant sex by enforcing oppressive laws and customs against women. It is not natural for man to be the dominant sex if he has to put so much effort into keeping women oppressed. As these artificial laws and customs of a patriarchal society are removed, women will naturally rule. Deep down, men realize this."

    "What is most surprising about the Feminist movement is the lack of male opposition."

    "Women are beginning to dominate almost every profession and this is happening all around the free world.

    In July of 2002, the BBC news published an article titled “Women Dominating Medical Schools”.

    “Too few men are training to become doctors, the British Medical Association's annual meeting was told on Wednesday. For the first time ever, more women than men graduated from medical schools. Six out of ten present students are women, according to figures, and some are worried that medicine may become overly-dominated by women in the future….Women were proving far more attractive candidates - both physically and because their "A" level grades were better. Stephen Sanders, another committee member, told the conference that at his school in Nottingham there were two women to every man.”

    Margaret Wente concurs in her article “Girls Rule”;

    “Speaking of doctors, women are now dominant in medical school. Only five years ago, they made up 49 per cent of first-year students. Today they make up 59 per cent. At Hamilton's McMaster University, 69 per 50 cent are women, and women make up more than two-thirds of incoming students in Quebec.”

    The data is overwhelming. Females are dominating males from grade school through post-secondary education. Kathleen Parker wrote the following for the Jewish World Review, “Battle of the Sexes Is Over and Clearly Girls Have Won.”

    “Four boys are diagnosed as emotionally disturbed to every one girl; two boys are learning-disabled for every one girl; six boys are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder to every one girl; two teen boys die for every one girl. Fifty-five percent of college students are female…girls outperform boys by 13 points in reading and 24 points in writing. Girls outnumber boys in all extracurricular activities…more boys than girls drop out of school.”."

    "A lot of women have come to realize that there is no such thing as a 50/50 relationship. Anything with two heads is a monster. A 50/50 relationship means that every decision must be discussed and debated. That creates a lot of arguments and much strife and stress in a marriage. No wonder the divorce rate is so high. There has to be a leader in any unit. There has to be a CEO of a company, there has to be a General in an Army, there has to be a President of a Country, and there has to be a Dominant partner in a marriage."

    "Women are becoming the decision-makers within relationships and men are more easily falling into the submissive role. [...]  Women are becoming the decision-makers within relationships and men are more easily falling into the submissive role."

    "It was men who encouraged women to rise up and to strive for equality."

    "There are many more men who realize that they are submissive than women who realize that they should be in charge."

    "True submission is not looking inward at getting your own fantasies and desires fulfilled but true submission is to serve a woman in a selfless manner. For only the man who serves a woman in a manner that the woman desires will experience the submissive fulfillment that he has been seeking."

    "Henry was not a man who enjoyed doing household chores but he renewed his mind to the fact that by doing these chores, he was serving his Queen."

    "Women I have interviewed claim an increase in their self-image once they embraced their dominant nature.

    They claim a higher sex drive and more intense orgasms. They claim more confidence outside the home, in their career."

    "Regardless of a male's financial and social status, the desire is still there to submit to the female gender. This just goes to show further that the desire to submit is present within all men and economical and social factors do not play a major role in the development of these desires."

    "The sexuality of humans is about more than just physical sex.

    It is also spiritual and mental. Desire begins in the mind but desire is based on what is in the heart. Human sexuality is about romance, love, commitment, partnership and yes, dominance and submission. The need for love, romance and sex is stronger than the need for food, air, water and sleep. While a person needs the later things for survival and can exist with out the former things from a physical perspective, from an emotional perspective the desire for love, romance and sex is more important to the condition of the human soul."

    "Regardless which approach I use, my goal is to get him into a submissive state. Then I bring reconciliation by telling him that I love him. After that, I might make him confess his place in our marriage. I will make him tell me how I rule over him and how I have authority over him.

    Once I see that he is in a submissive state, only then will I re-visit the argument by making him apologize to me. Again, I do not seek this apology outside of our D&S session or else it might re-kindle the argument.

    After he apologizes, I will tie him face down on the bed and now it is time to punish him for his behavior. He is already in a submissive mood so I will give him a spanking and that is when I let him know how upset he made me and he will feel my displeasure through my loving but firm discipline. My husband says that he can feel the hurt and anger leaving his body as I discipline him. Afterwards, I will hug him and love on him as we confess our love for each other. It works like a charm."

    "Whipping and spanking a man is an art and a skill that is developed over time through practice. People who are repulsed at such a lifestyle between consenting adults have never taken the time to understand the psychology and the sexuality of such an act. The skilled woman does not discipline a man in a violent manner. She starts out light and makes it sensual, than she slowly builds it up to harder and more severe. She does not start out too hard or it will not be erotic. Disciplining the man you love can be an extremely sexual activity, not to mention it can be very productive in training the man you love to become the type of husband you desire.

    The goal of the physical punishment is not what it does to a man’s body but rather the effect it has on his mind. Spanking or whipping a man is not an act of violence but rather an act of love. The more a woman does it, the better at it she will become and the more her husband will desire it. Discipline and nurturing are the flip sides of the same coin of love.

    Men desire physical discipline and men need physical discipline. It is satisfying to their soul as it acts as a sort of a relief valve that releases pent up stress and frustration, as the submissive male surrenders his will over to the woman’s will. Discipline is a very natural and healthy activity between two committed and loving adults.

    When I discipline my husband, I touch his inner child and this transports him to a place of peace and tranquility. He doesn't always enjoy the actual spankings and whippings as they do sting but he enjoys the effects they have on his psyche. It causes him to lose control and it causes him to surrender. Men have told me that physical punishment drives rebellion and stress out of their bodies. I believe this to be true because I can sense and see the anger and frustration leaving the body when I physically discipline a man and I see that look of peace and contentment on the man's face afterwards. Not to mention as a woman, I feel powerful and liberated when I discipline a man. Based on the feedback I have received from other women, I am not alone."

    « Disciplining a man purges his conscience of guilt, his mind of negative thoughts and his soul of negative emotions. Sometimes people are too busy being grown up and acting like mature adults that they tend to close their minds to the fundamentals of the human nature. Men need structure and discipline in their lives in order to become productive in life. Men crave to be disciplined and when necessary, punished by the woman they love.
    Is there is a difference between Discipline and Punishment within a Female Domination relationship ? Yes and while the terminology is often interchangeable, both can be valuable tools to the Dominant Female.
    Discipline is a lifestyle of correction toward a positive goal. Punishment is a judgment for violating rules. »

    « While children are better protected from the potential of abuse, they also grow up lacking the love and security that comes through normal and healthy discipline. Thus, we end up with a generation of rebellious and undisciplined adults who experience much restlessness within themselves. »

    « The need for discipline in human beings is expressed across all forms of society. Some men join the military to get discipline and structure in their lives. The military is all about discipline and submission to authority and such a life is appealing to a certain portion of the male population. In most religions the command to be in submission to spiritual authority and to live a disciplined life are the cornerstones of these Faiths. Religion has recognized the importance of discipline and submission on the human condition. »

    « This is very comforting to people and the spiritual nature of humankind is of such that desires to submit to a higher power. »
    -Elise Sutton, Female Domination. An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority, 2003.


    « La question n’est pas de constater que les gens vivent plus ou moins pauvrement, mais toujours d’une manière qui leur échappe. »
    -Guy Debord, Critique de la séparation (1961).

    « Rien de grand ne s’est jamais accompli dans le monde sans passion. »
    -Hegel, La Raison dans l'Histoire.

    Johnathan R. Razorback
    Johnathan R. Razorback

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    Message par Johnathan R. Razorback Mar 21 Sep - 20:47

    "The clothing of the Victorian woman was so elaborate and cumbersome that getting dressed during the Victorian Era was indeed a complicated chore. Ladies literally had to develop a careful, well-thought-out routine for dressing. Because the corset was quite rigid, which made it so difficult for the woman to move or bend, several items went on prior to the corset. First would have been her stockings; cotton for everyday wear, silk for special occasions and wool for the winter. Stockings were held in place by garters, which attached directly to the corset. Boots of some type were the typical everyday wear for the Victorian women.

    Drawers would be pulled on next. Drawers were almost always open-crotched and they were usually made of cotton and ended just below the knee. Next, a chemise would have been slipped on. A chemise was a cotton garment, similar to what we know today as a "slip". It usually had extra trimming over the bust-line to add fullness. Bras were not worn, but there was the "comfort bosom supporter" for the endowed, and the "bust-enhancer" for the smaller woman.

    Next came the corset. There were as many different types of corsets as there might be occasions to wear one. There were rust-proof corsets for swimming, short corsets for horseback riding and corsets with elastic inserts for everyday wear. Today, the corset has become popular in the world of Female Domination. A lot of submissive men (like Norman) have a fetish for seeing a woman in a corset. The Professional Dominatrix is accustomed to having a male client request that she wear a leather corset as part of her Dominant outfit.

    I find this to be fascinating because during the Victorian era a corset was confining and really a social statement to the restrictive plight of women in a society that rarely educated women and a society that had few employment choices for women. Now women like Trudy have turned the tables and are taking what was once a symbol of subjection (the corset) and have turned it into a symbol of power and liberation, using man’s fetish against him. The corset and the hourglass figure it enhanced in the female form, made the Victorian woman appear even more beautiful and sexual and thus society began to change during the Victorian era."
    -Elise Sutton, Female Domination. An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority, 2003.

    « La question n’est pas de constater que les gens vivent plus ou moins pauvrement, mais toujours d’une manière qui leur échappe. »
    -Guy Debord, Critique de la séparation (1961).

    « Rien de grand ne s’est jamais accompli dans le monde sans passion. »
    -Hegel, La Raison dans l'Histoire.

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